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Reds stars approve new kit

We asked Rio Ferdinand, Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck what it means to pull on the famous red shirt of Manchester United...


How does it feel when you pull on the red shirt?
It’s hard to put into words. Each year you see how the socks feel because your feet have to be comfortable. You don’t want the shorts to be too tight or the shirt to be too heavy. In the past we’ve had a few baggy kits but each year they’ve got a little bit more snug, which I prefer when I’m out on the pitch. When you see the red kit it brings a smile to your face and you feel proud.

When you pull on the shirt, are you aware of the history of the club?
Definitely, and it’s about trying to replicate that history. That’s the biggest thing for me. I said when I signed for the club that I wanted to become an integral part of its great history and, to do that, you’ve got to wear this beautiful kit.

Will you be wearing the collar up or down?
Down. There’s only one person who should be wearing the collar up and that’s Eric Cantona. He’s retired now.

How important is the look and the feel of the shirt?
I think the look’s really important. When you feel comfortable in a shirt you can go out and express yourself that little bit better, even if it’s just adding that one per cent to your well-being. This kit fits nicely, it’s comfortable and the texture’s nice.

Going into the dressing room on a matchday, how good is it to see the kit lined up?
As long as your

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